Merry Christmas!

Christmas TreeSanta was good to everyone at our house.  He brought Ann, Jacob, and Dave digital cameras to record our adventure in Russia.  He also brought big suitcases for the three of us.  Sam and Joey got socks and underwear.


The State Department was also good to us, as they deposited a lump sum of almost $22,000 to fund our travels and expenses into our bank account.  There might be a little more money coming, but I think this is the majority of it.  So, I did what any guy would do: I spent the day on  Its a good thing they don’t have a “buy it now” button.

Travel Visas

We finally got our Letters of Invitation from the Russian government today, and we spent all day working on our applications for travel visas.  They want to know everything!  We all need HIV tests, which are scheduled for tomorrow, then we send off the application fee, and hope the holidays don’t screw anything up.  We leave on January 18, so we are feeling a little rushed!

Going to Russia

This is a blog that Ann and Dave Mills are starting to document their adventure in Russia.  Dave won a Fulbright Fellowship, and has been invited to teach American History and Culture at Bashkir State University in Ufa, Russia, and his wife Ann and son Jacob will go with him.   Dave, Ann, and Jacob leave on January 18 for an orientation in Moscow on January 21 and 22, where they will stay for a week.  Then they leave January 26 to start their adventure in Ufa, where they will stay for almost 5 months, until June 15.  Stay turned for more news!