Dinner at a Russian Restaurant

Burger King1

Mark Twain once wrote that, when you pick a up cat by its tail, you learn something you can learn in no other way. Another example: We had plans to eat dinner at an American favorite, Burger King. How hard is it to order a number five? Worst case, order a Nomer Pyat. Really worst case, hold up five fingers. But it was either closed or just opening, so we were forced to eat at an actual Russian restaurant. Fortunately, they had pictures of everything on the menu, and the Russian language is pretty straightforward; the letters are always pronounced the same, so we were able to get by just sounding out the words. And again, the Russian waitress was very patient. So, we learned that trying to order something in a foreign language is not nearly as intimidating or even as hard as it seems, and everyone involved in the event is hoping for success.

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