Leaving Moscow

We are leaving the Hotel Voskhod today and going to a hotel adjacent to the airport.  At 8 am tomorrow, we board an Aeroflot jet for the 2 hour journey east, to Ufa, where we will spend our remaining time in Russia.  We have a friend there, Rustem, who will help us find an apartment and show us around our new city.  We have enjoyed Moscow tremendously, but look forward to the next phase of our adventure.

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  1. We made it Debbie, and we are exhausted. It is 20 minutes after 6 pm, and we are determined to stay awake until 8 pm, to try and adjust to our new time zone. We are now a total of 11 hours ahead of you. In Moscow we were 9 hours ahead, but with an early morning flight, we didn’t sleep much. Tomorrow we go look for an apartment and stop by the university.

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