We made it to Ufa!

Well friends, we made it to Ufa, Russia, our destination for all of these months.  Our flight from Moscow was easy, mostly because the Russians were so friendly, and helped us, a lot!  We stayed at a hotel, literally in the airport, and walked down to take a look at the boarding area.  A friendly airline (Aeroflot) employee asked if she could help us, and along the way told us we could check our largest suitcases that night (instead of wrestling with them in the morning) and she printed our boarding passes, and helped us navigate the excess baggage charges.  By the way, $300 in baggage charges flying Delta, $100 flying Aeroflot, just sayin’.

So, tomorrow we go to the university to check in and file some paperwork, and then we go look for an apartment.  We have seen a few on a website sent to us by a great friend here in Ufa.  Rustem has been a great help to us in the months leading up to our arrival.  We have been such a burden, in fact, that I asked him not to show up at the airport to meet us, I told him that we could take a taxi.  Of course, he showed up with a huge van and driver to help us get to our hotel.  Tomorrow, he is taking us wherever we need to go.  Thanks Rustem!

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