KFC for dinner

We thought we would make it easy on ourselves this evening and try out the local KFC about 3 blocks from the hotel where we are staying in Ufa.  Turns out it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be;)  The young gal at the counter was less than impressed with me when I asked if they had a menu in English (they did).  KFC here has no mashed potatoes, so keep that in mind if you are ever in Russia.  Dave did the ordering as he does speak a little Russian, we thought he ordered chicken strips and some pop.  That is not what showed up on our tray though……we got bone in fried chicken and 1 small cup of coffee, along with Dave’s salad and a chicken wrap for myself.  It all tasted good and we are grateful that Dave knows some Russian, otherwise Jake and I may starve to death.

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