Quiet Day

Due to a family emergency on the part of our friend in Ufa, Rustem, we just spent the day laying low.   We ate breakfast then we all went to the lobby of the hotel and did some work on the computer:  Ann and Jacob did school work and Dave worked on his Russian language skills.  After a few hours we decided we needed an adventure and tried to walk to the university, which is only about a half hour from our hotel, but it was dang cold out today.  We wimped out after about 20 minutes, and not knowing if we would find a warm spot once we got there, we turned around and headed back to the hotel.  (Hey, Napoleon turned around and went home when he was in Russia too, so quitters have a long and distinguished history here.)  We were so cold on the way back that we got within a hundred yards of our hotel, but ducked into a coffee shop to warm up.  We all wanted something boiling hot to drink but no one spoke English, so we got to practice our speaking skills, which was fun.

We ate dinner at KFC, which looks nothing like a KFC at home.  All they serve are chicken sandwiches, and no mashed potatoes, just French Fries.  (I’m not complaining, just making an observation.)  Now it is getting on to evening, and we are all hooked up to the internet doing something.  Jake and I have been watching season one of Elementary, so we will probably watch a few episodes tonight before trying to sleep.  Tomorrow is shaping up to be pretty low key as well.  I saw a monument on the way to dinner so I may have to go check that out, and who knows, we might make it all the way to the university tomorrow.  Stay tuned…

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