In our apartment!

SAM_0156Most of you are familiar with the American tradition that, when a person helps you move, you have to buy them a pizza. Apparently in Russia, the tradition is that a guy will find you an apartment, employ one buddy to drive you to the apartment, do all of the negotiating with the realtor, call the internet company to resolve problems when it isn’t working properly, employ another buddy to volunteer his car and then also help you move everything, then buy YOU and your family a traditional Russian lunch. I don’t see that idea catching on back home. Thank you Rustem Khabibullin for your help today, and for lunch.  Ann and Jacob were pretty adventurous with trying new Russian food.  I thought it was great!  We tried Borsht and calf’s foot jelly, among other traditional dishes.

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  1. Debbie, Ann is enjoying the wonderful new world of Coke Zero. Its not quite the same as back home, but close enough. I am now enjoying the wonderful world of drinking tea, as a cup of black coffee is hard to come by around here. Small sacrifice for the incredible opportunity that we have here in Russia

  2. The BIG question……is Ann finding Diet Coke😉 Can’t wait to hear about your apartment! Take care of each other❤️

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