A Walkabout

Lenin 3I went out to search for the university yesterday, and became temporarily disconnected to known locations (I was lost).  Additionally, the place where Google said the university was located, it wasn’t.  Long story short, I ended up walking about 8.5 miles through the driving snow, looking for the college.  I eventually plugged the address into Google Maps, and figured out the university was located about 1.5 miles to the South, not 1.5 miles to the East.  So I went out to find it today, which I did with no problems.  While on my Walkabout, I was strolling down Lenin Street, and came across a monument of the man himself.



Lenin 4So, tomorrow I am going to the university to meet the college Vice-Rector (Provost) and hopefully some of the faculty.  The university is about 1.5 miles from our apartment, so that will be a nice walk every day.  It is a beautiful walk, as I will pass several parks and historic buildings along the way.  My friend Rustem, whom I may have mentioned several times in these posts, is the Dean of the Faculty, and mentioned the possibility for me to teach an American History course to Russian students.  It is not a done deal, but it looks promising.

Russia is cool, we are having a great time, and are very blessed to have met so many wonderful people along the way.

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