A Great Day Today

SAM_0193Our friend Kamil spent several hours with us today, teaching us to speak Russian.  Its a tough language, but we are making progress.  Then we met up with Kamil’s father, Rustem, and went for “a little excursion” as Rustem called it.  We went to a sort of health resort that has a long history.  It was a place to treat TB patients, then a vacation resort, and now, a health retreat.  At the center of the healthy habits one is encouraged to adopt, is the regular (3 times per day) consumption of a drink called Koo-miss.  It is unpasteurized horse milk.  So, we went to the resort, and we tried it.  It was a little sour.  Some members of our family (Ann) barely took a sip, others gave it the old middle school try (Jake) but in the end left a whole lot of milk that had to be consumed so as not to offend our hosts.  I spent 10 years in the army, so this was not the worst experience I’ve ever had, but I’m not going to mention horse milk to Kamil or Rustem any time soon.

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