Do, Do, Do, Looking out my Backdoor (Window)

Apartment1Pretty foggy this morning as we look out the front window.  You can see the apartment building across the parking lot (on the right) sort of dominates the view.  While we don’t have a great view, the apartment is situated well away from traffic, so we don’t hear much.  In fact, the apartment is pretty quiet; we rarely hear neighbors.  Nearly all apartments in Russia are owned by Russians, sort of like condos.  But, getting credit is hard in Russia, and getting a loan almost impossible, so most Russians must pay cash for their apartments.  So, finding a nice one can be hard; we were lucky.




Apartment2This photo shows the view on the right side of the apartment building across the parking lot.  Perhaps you can see the road between the buildings.  In the far building is a café, which we have not visited yet, and just around the corner of the far building is a small grocery store.  There are many small grocery stores in the area, but last night our friends took us to a huge mall with a giant grocery store, much like our Sam’s Club.  It was crazy busy, and I would not want to visit it very often.  Surprisingly, the peanut butter department in the huge grocery store consisted of about 8 jars of the stuff on a bottom shelf.  We bought half of the inventory.

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