Victory Park

Victory Park Eternal FlameAnother “little excursion” with Kamil and Rustem today.  The sun was shining and it was the kind of day that makes you happy to be alive, even if it was a little chilly (about 10 degrees).  We visited “Victory Park,” which was dedicated to the Soviet dead of World War Two.  At left, you can see the eternal flame, and the dramatic death of a Soviet soldier.  It is pretty obvious that the Russian Revolution and World War Two are a big deal in Russian society, even today.  There are monuments all over dedicated to the two events.  World War Two is kind of a big deal, as the Soviets lost over 8 million men and women (women were fighter pilots, tankers, machine gunners, snipers, etc.) in combat, and over 20 million military and civilian deaths.


Wall  of HonorHere is the Wall of Honor in Ufa, as it depicts the soldiers from this city awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union medal.  This is the highest award the nation gave during the war for service to the country.  I guess it is equal to our Medal of Honor.  Over 18,000 soldiers from Ufa were killed or MIA during the war.

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