The Old Salt Mine

BSU3So this is where I go to work each day.  The university was built in 1909, and the inside is very cool, with a huge marble staircase and wooden floors with ornate trim.  I asked, once, if I would get into trouble if I took some pictures, and the answer was yes.  But now that I think about it, maybe they thought I was asking if I could take a picture inside and the answer was yes.  Perhaps I will play the clueless American card, and snap some pics hoping nobody will say anything.  If they do, this is where the clueless part comes in.  (I’ve been playing this part for years).  Anyway, I am really enjoying my duties, which is to teach one class, but I also have a manuscript to revise (so it will grow up to become a book) two articles to write for journals, three presentations to prepare for conferences, and a book chapter to write for a Russian anthology, so I am busy.  But not matter what happens, I really appreciate when the Russian faculty members stop by just to shake hands and say good morning.  I am working on my language skills, so hopefully we will be able to say more than, “I am fine, how about you?”

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