Inside the University

SAM_0347 SAM_0350I finally got around to taking some pictures inside the university today.  Sorry for the blinding sunlight streaming in through the window, but I wanted to show you the grand staircase.  This photo does not do the room justice.  I had to be rather careful taking the pictures, as attacks by bad folks is a real concern everywhere, and when some stranger is busy taking lots of pictures, it raises questions.



You can see the ornate light fixture hanging from the ceiling, and these same fixtures are located throughout the building.  And yes, they are off almost all the time, and the hallways are actually pretty dark.  If you have ever stopped by my office, you know that this is how I like it.  My office is always dark except for a little desk lamp I keep by my computer.  I think the description of “creepy” is not fair at all.  I digress.  I’ll try and get some more pictures and post again.

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