I am smiling!

SAM_0386SAM_0387This is the Russian version of a great big smile.

I had some stomach issues last night, which kept me up, and I thought about NOT going out with Rustem and Kamil today.  In the end we went out together but I told them I was sick, so we spent the day trying to get me better.  You can see Rustem and Kamil in a shop that sells tea and honey.  This is the first line of defense in combatting the flu.  And yes, I’ve been drinking the herbal tea they suggested, and I do feel better.


The next line of defense in combatting the flu is an “Oxygen Cocktail.”  Go ahead and read the words “Oxygen Cocktail” again because I had to ask about it a few times myself.  Available only at a Russian Pharmacy (it should be available everywhere because it is really good), this drink of vitamins and other nutrients is whipped up with air until it is light as a feather.  So, the name makes sense.  Now.

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