I must be living right

SAM_0408This is the most delicious dessert I have ever had, bar none.  We went to lunch at a Turkish restaurant (which was fabulous) and I ordered way too much food (again).  I wasn’t really interested when Rustem suggested I try a traditional Turkish dessert called Baklava.  I had heard of it, and this Fulbright thing is all about trying new experiences (like desserts), so why not?  It has pistachios on top, layers of flavored honey, and all kinds of goodness and wonderfulness in between.  These desserts had just come out of the oven and were warm, and the honey was very soft and the whole thing just oozed magnificent delightful perfection.  Hitting a Turkish restaurant where the desserts are still warm is like hitting the lottery, I’ve been told.  We were there during the lunch hour, and dessert are usually made at off times.  Karma must be rewarding me for all the joy I bring to everyone I meet.

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