Women’s Day

Women's Day2The Russians have a very cool holiday, loosely translated it is ‘Women’s Day,” and it is a huge deal.  It’s bigger than Mother’s Day in America, as the entire country is shut down for two days next week to celebrate it.  My friend Radmir (not pictured here) has been giving his wife presents all week.  Here we are having little get-together for some of the ladies in the department.  Eugene is serving cake, and that isn’t a pop bottle on the table.  Drinking in the office is not a common thing, that I have found, but its nice to know it is allowed.  You know, just in case.  The two ladies pictured are Guzelle (front) and Idonna (just behind her).  By the way, there are three Rustems in the department.  The gentleman seated just to the left of the door is one of the Rustems, and one heck of a nice guy.  He is trying to find research documents for me to use in my next book project.

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