SAM_0442This is an up close view of the monument to Salavet Yulayev, the Bashkir hero who lived between 1754 and 1800.  He joined forces with rebel forces against the Czar, was captured, and spend 20 years in prison, until his death.  He is hero to Russian and Bashkir people.


This SAM_0468monument was built in 1967, and dedicated to a man who fought against the government.  I had to ask why the Communists would idolize a man who opposed government rule, and it was because he opposed the Czar.  He is so popular in Ufa, by the way, that the Russian professional hockey team from Ufa is named for him.  I guess they don’t have mascots like animals or fish here.


In the bottom picture, you get a sense of the location of the monument, situated on a bluff overlooking the river.  The views from the monument are striking with the ability to see for 20 miles or so.

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