Some More Pics Inside

SAM_0531SAM_0535As soon as I walk into the university every day, this is the site I see, sort of.  Directly behind me when I took this picture were turnstiles, and you have to pass a guard to get through the obstacles.  And usually there are no balloons, but today was a special day, as a number of high school students came to visit the campus.  Sometimes its hard to remember that 35,000 students attend this school.  Heck, this university concentrates on science, not the humanities, but there are 30 members of the history department here.




So, here is a little closer view of the marble staircase, and perhaps you can see in the corner is a fountain with plants growing in it.  Actually, there is a fountain in each corner.  Sorry I couldn’t get a close up of them, but folks here are really uptight about strangers taking photographs.  Yesterday morning, as I was walking to work, there was a very obvious presence of police and/or soldiers standing on every street corner.

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