Ocean’s Fourteen

SAM_0617SAM_0601I was invited to the Ufa Archeological Museum to give a talk on writing regional history.  I did not have to have a translator because everyone on staff at the museum spoke at least three languages:  Russian, English, and at least one other language.  I enjoyed the talk and the questions that followed very much, and then Sasha was kind enough to give me a tour of the museum.  To my surprise, on display were 21 individual exhibits made of solid gold.  These had just been on loan to one of the major museums in New York, and now they are on loan to the museum in Ufa.  First, not everyone gets to see the gold exhibit, so I was very fortunate to get in.  Second, I couldn’t help but notice the security looks it could be overcome by a crack team of operatives who could plan a heist, getting in and out before the police could respond.  Just saying.

The mammoth was cool too.  At the feet of this adolescent female is a tooth from a full grown male.  It was huge, and very heavy.  You can see in the display cases behind the skeleton some pottery and arrow heads excavated from the local area.

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