Eta Roo-see-ya

Snow5So I get to the university today, and I couldn’t help but notice a number of students outside, shoveling snow off of the grass and moving it around so it would melt quicker.  I had to get a few photos of this.  When I got inside, I mentioned to my friend Radmir that this seemed silly to me.  He didn’t understand, so I explained, “For three months I have been walking on sidewalks covered with ice and snow, and nobody cared.  I nearly died a thousand times walking on those sidewalks and nobody did anything to clear them off.  Now people go outside to shovel snow off of the grass?”  He threw his head back and laughed.  “Ah,” he said, “This makes no sense.”  He nodded his head and concluded, “Eta Roo-see-ya.”  (It is Russia).

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