When the Snow Melts

SAM_0549It is amazing some of the things you find when the snow melts.  This is a small monument in a small park that I pass on the way to the university.  It might just look like some funny balls with funny lines drawn on them, but this is actually a three dimensional representation of the name of the city, Ufa, written in the Bashkir language.  In fact, many stores and signs around the city are still written in the traditional letters.  As you can see, the last two letters are identical, as the name of the city used to be pronounced, Uh-F-Uh, or something similar.  Take a look at the “Rosetta Stone” that translate three languages.  Russian is on the left, Bashkir (that uses a lot of the Russian alphabet) is in the center, and English is on the right.


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