That’s Kinda Cool…

SAM_0673You don’t have to live in the states to recognize this movie, but it is still a treat to see the movie posters written in Russian.  I sometimes sound out the names written phonetically in Russian to figure out who the actors are.  Simple minds, simply amused I guess.  That would drive Ann nuts if she had to stand there while I sounded out names to see who starred in a movie I was never going to watch.

The Russian and American cultures are connected in ways I would not have imagined in Ufa.  Maybe in Moscow I could picture the American fast food places, but here in Ufa there are McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC restaurants at regular intervals, and American movies are quite popular.  I discuss The Walking Dead with one of the professors I work with, while another friend couldn’t sleep the night before House of Cards, Season 4 was available.  Don’t even get me started on Game of Thrones.  People love it here.  We really are not so different, are we?

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