I Need a Zont

WeatherThe weather today in Ufa is just beautiful.  At 9:30 in the morning it is already 55 degrees.  It is the kind of day that begs for a walk, probably with no definite destination in mind.  Somewhere along the way, I need to buy a zont, or umbrella.  (Don’t ask me why I remember that one.)   Which reminds me of a story: A Russian friend came into my office, so I stood and met him in the doorway and offered my hand.  He invited me into the next room where he shook my hand, and then explained that it was considered bad luck in Russia to shake hands in a doorway.  I wondered at the origins of this and then said that this sounded similar to our fear of opening an umbrella indoors; it is considered bad luck.  He thought that was very strange.  Two cultures, working to understand each other.  Mr. Fulbright, you have done it again!

Today is sunny and 72, but all next week we have a good chance of rain and the last thing I need is to get sick again.  While out and about, I’ll try and find something interesting to take a photo of.

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