Starting the Conference

SAM_0751From 10 am until almost noon yesterday, there was a program to honor the first rector (provost).  He was quite a visionary, having served the university for 27 years (from the 1950s to the 1980s) and he expanded the university to its present size.  From what I understand, many of the buildings, including academic sites, dormitories, and office space was constructed under his guidance.  The program was quite interesting, and his family was invited to the program and a few spoke to the audience.  There were SAM_0753a few people that had worked with the rector at the program as well, speaking about their experiences working with the man and generally bringing a new generation of students up to speed on how we got to where we are.


I wish that my Russian was better so that I could have followed along a little closer (it is pretty awful in truth) but I still enjoyed the presentation.  I was most impressed with the fact that, all these years later, people still remember and appreciate what he did.  I was also very impressed with the architecture inside the auditorium.  It was very grand, and the light fixtures were just beautiful.

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