Tiptoe, through the Tulips

SAM_0796As you can see, the tulips in front of the university have started to bloom in large numbers.  Not all of them, but you get the idea.  This is really pretty.  I think that I am much more cognizant of changes to the trees and flowers as I walk to work every day than I am normally.

Next, I asked Ann to bring the hair clippers with her when she came back to Russia, so I am no longer the cool guy with hair well below the ears.  Now I look more like a basic training recruit than a rock star.  Yes, with my flowing (grey) locks, I believe that women wanted to date me and guys wanted to be me.  🙂  Now, not so  much.  Actually, my middle son Joey — 20 years old — had all of his hair fall out over the last 2 months.  No idea why it happened, but I thought I would cut my hair in solidarity with him.

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