Pretty Creative

SAM_0813Russia has 140 holidays per year, but they can fall on Saturday and Sunday so it is a little different approach than we are used to.  (Many Russians are amazed to learn that America has only 10 federal holidays.)  Anyway, in conjunction with one of these Russian holidays, there is a celebration at the Square of Two Fountains.  (To see it, Ann sent a picture of the Square of Two Fountains to our communications folks who posted the photo on the MN West Facebook page.)  Every evening for about a week, bands sing in the square, there is food and drink, and there are lots of interesting sites in and around the square, like this one.  Someone is very creative, building these “anatomically correct” robots out of springs and cogs.  Hey, cool idea:  We could have the welding instructors and the art instructors team teach a class.

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