You are appreciated!

SAM_0816Ever feel like you are working hard but your boss doesn’t see it and never seems to express any appreciation for what you are doing?  Its the number one reason people leave their jobs.

But here in Ufa, there is a monument dedicated to the most overlooked profession in the city.  There is a monument dedicated to street sweepers.  And those people (men and women) earn their money too.  Much of the snow removal done throughout the winter is done by hand, and much of the street cleaning is also done by hand.  We expect our streets to be clean and free of snow, but how often do we thank the people responsible for making our lives easier?

I was browsing the internet to see what other cool sites there are in Ufa, and I came across this monument, and I knew I had to go see it.  So, I dragged Ann and Jacob along with me yesterday on a little excursion.  I almost missed it.  It is small, about the size of an actual man, but it is situated between several columns and in the middle of the sidewalk, so it is easy to overlook.  In my haste to find the monument, I thought several live people were the monument until they started moving.  I’m glad I didn’t start snapping pictures of them.  They would not appreciate that…

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