Before and After

My WalkI know I tend to focus on the natural beauty of Ufa, which includes birds singing and green grass growing, and the absence of snow.  Perhaps this might have something to do with walking 3 miles round trip each day through the Russian winter to get to the university, and more if I needed to go to the grocery store or meet someone at a restaurant.  This could be a case of “the wounds have healed, but the scars remain.”  Anyway, it is absolutely beautiful here in Ufa now.  Yesterday was 70 degrees, definitely t-shirt weatherSAM_0840.

As you can see, both of these photos were taken in about the same place, but several months apart.  It is a joy to be outside and it is nice just watching others enjoying the weather too.  We passed a man in a suit and tie yesterday, who had walked outside of his shop just to turn his face toward the sun and soak up some rays.  Exactly, brother.  I’m with you.

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