The Mall

SAM_0905Just a few blocks away from us is a modern mall.  It could be any mall in America, except the first floor is quite different.  The entire south wing of the mall is a giant grocery store, and most of this area is taken up with butcher shops and fish vendors.  I tried to be sneaky taking this photo, so this picture is not of the highest quality.  Right in the center of the photo you can see a rack with sides of beef hanging on it, and when we first walked into the building someone was hacking away at a side of beef with an ax.  Ufa has a large Muslim population, so pork is available, but it is not popular.  In other sections of this area are people selling eggs, honey, lamb, chicken, turkey, and probably other meats as well.  It is really pretty cool.  It is very clean, the operators are very nice, and now that Ann and Jake are back we will probably stop and buy a few packages for dinner.

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