Happy Victory Day

SAM_0827A few days ago we visited Memorial Park, where there are a number of monuments.  There was a monument for victims of political repression, if Google Translator is working correctly, and this monument to the dead from World War Two.  Today, May 9, is Victory Day in Russia, to commemorate the end of Hitler’s regime.  The Soviet Union lost upwards of 25 million people in that war, and perhaps as many as 20 million civilians died in the conflict.  Even several days before the holiday, you can see the flowers and offerings left on this monument.  In the background is a small chapel of the Russian Orthodox Church where people can go to pay their respects.  Today there is a parade through Ufa, and we are planning to go see it.  A few days ago there was a road relay race and bicycle race through our part of the city to celebrate Victory Day, and it was very strange to see the roads with no traffic on them.

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