Turkish Restaurant

SAM_0940This has been a week for visiting parks, and yesterday we went to three or four of them.  Visiting all those parks works up an appetite, so Kamil took us to the Turkish Restaurant, where you may recall I wrote about the delicious Baklava served there.  I had been there but Ann and Jake had not.  Anyway, here is a photo of our meals, and what a treat it was!  You can see the Greek salad on the lower left, which was for me, minus the huge chunks of feta cheese.  Ann and Jake split what was, for all intents and purposes, something akin to a cheese pizza.  You can see the basket of bread, which we all split, and the plate with chicken and several types of salads.  You can also see the small plate of Baklava, which was not warm, but was still pretty good.

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