Before and After, Again

Theater Square 2One of the cool things I stumbled upon when I first got to the city was this monument to girls acting in a theater.  You can probably see that each character has her arms in a different position, clearly a reference to acting and dancing.  Actually, this attraction is located in Theater Square, and the formal name of the attraction is the Fountain of Seven Girls.  You guessed it, this is located right beside a large but old theater.  At first I had no idea that this was a fountain.  The city covers up all of the fountains during the winter, and as you can see, the snow covered everything after that.  The snow was quite deep in the square, but this sight was so intriguing that I trudged through the sSAM_0890now to take a few photos.  On a side note, we may go see The Nutcracker in this theater, but TBD.

Any fountain worth its salt has water in it, and on one of our excursions we passed by the square and noticed a lot of people crowded around the fountain.  How different this place looks without snow and with the fountains gurgling.  The square was largely shaded by the trees that towered over it, and like everyone else around, we took a seat for a few minutes just to enjoy the peace, listen to the birds singing, and stare into the bubbling water.  As you may have guessed, the Russians love their fountains and monuments.  I think they got it right.

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