SAM_0887Each day, as I walked to campus, I passed Bashkir State Medical University, pictured here.  This is just the main entrance to the university, but it is fun to walk by and see the medical students outside enjoying the sunshine, each of whom is wearing a white lab coat.  Ann chatted with a Russian doctor on the plane back to Ufa, and I’ve spoken to a few people about med school — its never too late to think about switching careers — so here is what we think we know.  Unlike America, where students go to four years of undergraduate schooling before applying to medical school, students in Russia go right from high school into medical school.  The first two years are the basic chemistry and biology, and we have been told that the first two years of medical school are taught in English because many of the students come from outside of Russia, and English is a common language.  The last two years are taught in Russian, and then students may have one or two more years of specialization training.

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