Mr. Lenin

SAM_0944This monument of Vladimir Lenin is pretty darn impressive.  It was in a park we visited with our friend Kamil.  I’m not sure how tall the base is, or the statue itself, but there is a guy standing near the base of it to give you perspective.  The picture is pretty dark because it was cloudy that day, and when the sun did emerge from behind the clouds it was in the wrong position to take a good picture.  Anyway, this was kind of cool.

So, we are going to see The Nutcracker tonight, and tomorrow afternoon we are getting together with some members of the faculty to say farewell.  This weekend is taken up with packing, cleaning the apartment, and moving into a hotel, and then Tuesday morning we head off to the airport.  I met many wonderful people while in Russia, especially Rustem Kamilovich Khabibullin, who I can’t thank enough for everything he has done for us.

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