Tatar Wrestling

SAM_1119Irandyk (E-ron-dik – in the red shirt) is a coach and former champion in Koresh, an ancient and traditional Tatar form of wrestling.  Eugene, in the black shirt, agreed to wrestle Irandyk in order to demonstrate the sport.  First, each contestant wears a towel tied around their waist, and each person must keep their left hand on their opponents towel.  The object is to gain an advantage over your opponent and throw them to the ground.  So, the best defense involves trying to keep your center of gravity well away from your opponent while trying to get your opponent off balanceSAM_1118.

Eugene was a great sport for agreeing to wrestle Irandyk, but he ended up getting thrown a few times.  I think it was more about having fun than really competing, but it was interesting to see.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a demonstration is worth many times more than that.  Folks tried to explain to me how the wrestling worked and using a towel, but it didn’t really sink in.  This was much easier to follow.


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