Farewell Dinner

SAM_1128Our farewell dinner with the history faculty was held at a former Young Pioneers Camp (think Communist version of the Boy Scouts) about 20 minutes outside of Ufa.  It was a nice picnic area with a small lake and cabins, and I noticed that the trees in Ufa are much taller than trees in Worthington.  Good ideas are kind of universal, and a Russian BBQ is pretty similar to a BBQ in Minnesota, including the mosquitos!  We had grilled chicken and pork, and lots of fresh veggies.  People came and went throughout the evening, so there were a few folks not present for this picture.  What a really nice evening.  I will truly miss the people I met in Ufa, including the faculty, staff, and students.  As we said many times last night, hopefully this is not the last time we meet, I hope to come back to Ufa again.

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