Last Blog Post

1This is my last blog post about our adventures abroad.  I have enjoyed my time in Russia and greatly enjoyed teaching and meeting new friends.  Singapore was a great conference, and spending time in London was a treat.

Now, it is time to look forward to new projects.  While in Russia, I bought a 1966 Mustang which is in need of restoration.  The previous owner had it for 30 years and took great care of it.  The body is in solid shape, and it runs and drives until I can complete some projects.  I’ll have it painted, throw on some new tires, and replace the engine and transmission, then proceed with other projects as time and finances allow.

I also have some ideas about changing my classes.  Professors in Russia do not use textbooks, so I am thinking about doing away with textbooks in my classes.  This will require a tremendous amount of work to ensure that students still see rigor and I can meet the course objectives and student learning outcomes for each class.  This will probably necessitate writing new curriculum for each class as well.