Ufa, Russia

Ufa map

We will be going to Ufa (pronounced OO-Fah) in Russia, about 800 miles east of Moscow.  We will spend a week in Moscow for orientation arriving, January 18, 2016.  Dave will spend the semester teaching American history and Culture to English-speaking Russian students and working on his next writing project.  Ann will be teaching her biology classes online and probably collaborating with Russian biologist when not working with the English department.  Our 13-year-old son Jacob will go with us to Russia, and will spend the semester working on classes.  We will depart for Ufa on January 26, and leave June 15 for about a 5 month stay.

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Ufa in Context

This map gives a little more context geographically.  It is a city of about a million people, and we are looking forward to our adventure!







Ufa is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia.







(I will post a new picture soon)

Bashkir State University, where Dave will be teaching, and Ann and Jake will also be spending quite a bit of time.

Visit the Bashkir State website – In English